Tips For a Successful Test

Please bring your vehicle to an inspection facility as soon as possible after receiving your test notice. If your vehicle is rejected or fails the inspection, this will provide ample time to repair the vehicle and have it re-inspected prior to license plate expiration.

We recommend checking the Facilities Locator for operating hours at your preferred inspection facility. Monday is typically the busiest day at private inspection facilities.

Prior To Arriving at the Inspection Facility:

  • Please bring your vehicle's test notice with you to the inspection facility.
  • Make sure the vehicle brought in for testing matches the vehicle identified on the test notice.
  • If your 1996 or newer OBD-equipped vehicle has a covered or otherwise obstructed diagnostic link connector (DLC), please open or remove the cover (consult owner's manual for location and instructions), or remove the obstruction prior to arriving at the inspection facility.
  • If your 1996 or newer OBD-equipped vehicle has recently been serviced, or if the battery has been disconnected, we recommend reviewing your owner's manual or consulting with the vehicle manufacturer for your vehicle's specific drive cycle to reset the OBD system. Usually, driving your vehicle for several days before bringing it in will ensure the OBD system is reset and ready for inspection.
  • Ensure your vehicle is safe to operate. Your vehicle may be rejected if the test cannot be safely conducted.

At the Inspection Facility:

  • When you arrive, leave the engine running unless directed otherwise.
  • Inform the inspector when entering the test lane if the license plate number on the vehicle is different from the number on your test notice