Registration Renewal Services

If you can answer YES to the following conditions, you can get your new license plate stickers at an inspection facility :

  • Vehicle passed its emissions test
  • Vehicle is an automobile with any registered plate type
  • Vehicle is a light duty or heavy duty truck expiring annually
  • Vehicle has no registration suspensions
  • Vehicle's registration is not revoked.

You can still renew your plates at the inspection facility even if you do not need a test! To renew, park in the parking lot. You will find a customer service representative available in the office area to help renew your registration. Please bring your registration renewal document.

There is a $10.00 processing fee in addition to your vehicle registration fee for this service. Please call the inspection facility for payment options.

For other registration options see the Wisconsin Department of Transportation site.

Registration Renewal Tests

If your vehicle fails the emissions inspection, and license plates are expiring, you would need to purchase a 30-day temporary license plate. They can be purchased either by mail, or in person at DMV Customer Service Centers or Wisconsin Vehicle Inspection Facilities (in the office area). There is a $3 charge for the temporary plates and an additional $5 counter fee if purchased at either a DMV center or inspection facility. A vehicle may be eligible for up to 3 temporary plates and some restrictions apply.

Change of Ownership Tests

If you recently purchased the vehicle and are nearing the end of the 45 day testing window, you would need to call the following number for a one-time 90 day extension: 1-866-OBD-TEST (1-866-623-8378). There is no charge for this service. The 90-day extension can not be issued at vehicle inspection facilities.